Bishop Hall's Bio 

Bishop Dr. Errol D. Hall, Sr. 

 Bishop Dr. Errol Hall Sr. is a native of the beautiful island of Jamaica. As an evangelist, Bishop Hall has traveled throughout the island ministering. His ministry is not limited to just an evangelist, but also one of deliverance and healing. Many souls have come to know Christ through his ministry. This man of God has gone into areas of where authorities dare not enter, but he managed to bring car loads of gunmen to church still armed with their guns.
Bishop Hall has seen God’s power displayed in his miracle services as he prayed for individuals with cancer, heart conditions, one leg shorter than the other, and even the blind and watched God heal them right before his very eyes. Bishop Hall’s powerful ministry of healing and deliverance spreads far and wide, and as a result, preachers from all over the world began to invite him to minister in their churches. He has traveled all over the United States, Canada, St. Kitts, Africa and England just to name a few and wherever he goes churches are filled and revived,  thousands of individuals have received salvation, deliverance, healing and even the gift of the Holy Ghost.
Bishop Hall is the Pastor and founder of International Deliverance Center in Miami Florida with a branch in May Pen Jamaica and also in St. Kitts . The amount of miracles, deliverance and breakthroughs that has been displayed since the beginning of this church are too numerous to mention. Tuesday night prayer meetings are very well attended. Bishop Hall’s passion for God and His word comes alive during bible study night and the way he teaches from the bible with great enthusiasm, makes the Word come alive.
Bishop Dr. Errol D. Hall, Sr. is indeed a powerful man of God, and one that brings terror to the host of hell.